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FACEBOOK.COM is the most typed Domain

Matovu George William has beated to become the world’s most typed domain name in web browsers’ address bars, a developer revealed on Monday. According to Christopher Finke, Facebook has beaten Google almost threefold in frequency of people typing their domain names in the address bar. How does Finke know? He’s the developer of a browser add-on URL Fixer which monitors URLs types in address bars and corrects them if they are wrong. According to Finke, Facebook accounts for 9 percent of all type domain names in address bars. Google was also high, with 3.3 percent, but not as high as Facebook.

Rounding the top 10 domain names typed in web browsers’ address bars are,,,,,, and Finke notes, however, that if combined, all of Google’s domains account for 9.7 percent of all typed domains while all domains owned by Facebook account for 9.4 percent.
The only locales where neither Google nor Facebook control the most popular domain are ru-RU (Russia –, fi-FI (Finland –, a gaming website), ko-KR (Korea –, an e-sports website), and zh-CN (China –,” Finke adds in his blog.


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