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How Hackers Defeat Personal Firewalls

Matovu George William
Ever get annoyed cause you wanted to place a trojan or a virus somwhere and a firewall wouldnt let you? Well if this firewall is one of the commercially made and distributed types such as Norton personal firewall, or Blackice Defender, and most any other comercially available firewalls it is very simple to exploit it and put anything you want behind it. Most personal firewalls work by having a preset rules database that has a listing of trusted applications that it will allow access to and from your computer. A simple modification of a rogue application such as a trojan horse or virus will allow the rogue application to have trusted access to your system. The modification requires no programming knowledge and can be done by anyone very easily. All you have to do is rename the rogue application to a name that the personal firewall knows is a trusted application.
For example if I take BackOrifice, the stealth remote control application, and rename it iexplore.exe, most personal firewalls will allow it to run without complaint. The same is true for any other trojan horse or virus.
Kinda neat huh?
There is only one readily available firewall that I cant use this with and thats zonealarm from zonelabs.
BTW my handle is natas and I look forward to upcoming issues of your newsletter. I haven't been hacking maliciously for years now, actually since i got caught in highschool and lost my priviliges to use a computer till i was 18. Please visit my homepage if youd like
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