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Operation ENOUGH!

Matovu George William
 Even in sado-masochistic relationships, the masochist has a right to say ENOUGH!
Have you ever said “enough” and you weren’t listened to?
Let’s try that again, shall we? Together.
Operation Enough.
Money will do everything.
We need to do everything for money.
Lend, spend, inflate!
You don’t really want to save this financial system, do you?
What do we say to banks?
Let us realise paid work is a privilege.
Kissing some superior’s ass, the road to success!
Having work is a blessing from above.
We can all achieve immortality through our work. Yah, right.
What do we say to hierarchies?
Set an excellent example for your children.
Give, and give, and give. Allow yourself to be totally sucked dry.
Hold. Abstain from any sexual pleasure.
Receive, whatever and whenever you can. Suck on someone elses life energy.
Make, and allow yourself to be controlled by, ever more rules and laws.
What do we say to patriarchy?
You want some more of that?
Get on the soapbox and find the tools to join the action.
Empower yourself and others.
We are legion.
We do not forget.
And we moisturise.
We are Anonymiss.
Operation Enough.
Enough said:
Egypt needs medical supplies for underground hospitals:…
Rape of female soldiers by colleagues:…
Don’t worry, be happy, IRC up again:…
and more on …


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