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Recover any lost password

Today am talking about Password recovery. If you are there and you lost your password on any device, any operating system. I got Lazagne for you.
It is an open source tool that runs on Windows and Linux and allows to recover passwords stored in many applications. It does not require installation, works in the form of modules and can of course be integrated into all your scripts.

  This tool can extract all the lost WiFi keywords and the passwords stored on your browsers. Plus it supports a large number of programs on Windows such as Skype and the FTP programs as well as WiFi
 Supported software (22 Programs supported on Microsoft Windows and 12 on a Linux/Unix-Like OS):

How to retrieve lost passwords on your local computer using LaZagne?

 - Download the tool from GitHub (no installation required)
 - Open DOS command (On Windows: Start > Run , type: cmd.exe and launch it with administrator privileges)
 - A simple command prompt: -h laZagne.exe : will summarize the options for you:
 - There is therefore: laZagne.exe all : This command will execute all the LaZagne project modules. (browsers, Chats, databases, emails, svn, Wifi.)
 - But it is also possible to use a specific mode: laZagne.exe browsers :
 Note: For wifi passwords \ Windows Secrets, don't forget to launch it with administrator privileges!


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